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G-Star Staq 3D Tapered Jeans in 3D Raw Review

G-Star Staq 3D Tapered Jeans in 3D Raw Review

G-Star Staq 3D Raw jeans

There is a real and intense vibe I get whenever I put on a pair of G-Star jeans and it’s absolutely no different with the G-Star Staq 3D tapered jeans in 3D raw. The feeling is unlike any other brand and it draws me back, yearning to get a new pair of G-Star, far too often. G-Star jeans are understated flashy, original but not boring and just frickin’ cool man.

Perhaps it’s the signature low drop back pockets on most of the new pairs getting a heap of press. Or maybe it’s the uber famous celebrities that continue to be seen in and endorse G-Star as THE legit brand at the epicenter of cool. Whatever it is, I always hold G-Star in high regard – which also means my expectations for whatever the brand puts out is just as high.

The stat sheet on the G-Star Staq 3D tapered jeans is pretty full. 12.7 ounce denim, dark washed finish, button fly and one of the longest yokes I have seen – although not as long as the brand’s Type C jeans – and this amazing engineered deep set baked in wrinkling effect that creates the perfect leg stacking (hence the name Staq, go figure). This is close to one of my favorite features on a pair of denim. I struggle with most jeans, especially raw denim, because my inseam is basically a hair shorter than 31″. However, as I mentioned in a number of posts, most raw denim jeans are offered in a standard hem of 34″. Now I loved the stacked look but can never get it quite the way I like with an ordinary pair of jeans. The legs are always just a bit to wide and I end up looking more sloppy than put together and chill. This all contributed to my giddiness when I put on the Staq jeans and immediately saw that long sought after leg stacking with no effort on my part aside from buttoning the fly. Amazing job G-Star, simply amazing.

A few separate notes – with the summer temperatures in the Northeast now tilting above 90 F (+30 for my metric minded friends) I won’t be regularly sporting these 12.7 ounce jeans outside for a bit. The weight might not seem “heavy” at first glance, but the stacking does add some more heft to the denim when compared to a normal 12 ounce denim. So the breath-ability is a bit diminished. Also, there are a crap load (yes a real unit of measure) of pockets on these jeans…perhaps a bit to many. I love the combination of khaki type pockets with traditional jeans pockets but might be a bit of overkill to have 8 total pockets plus the coin pocket. No one need to carry that much stuff in their pockets unless you are off duty Batman. Lastly, I just want to repeat, the large back yoke and elongated back pockets will give you on of the coolest laid-back tailored looks of any jean out there. Screw moto jeans, these are 20 times cooler.

The G-Star Staq 3D tapered jeans will now be my go to jean, period. They are comfortable from the start, instantly elevate my wardrobe and add a level of high fashion to the simplest outfit. Pair the Staq with even a simple white tee and you will get noticed and complimented.

Bottom Line – OK, I think I have droned on enough about the G-Star 3D Staq tapered jeans in 3D Raw. Bottom line – go get yourself a pair and wear them with the confidence they give you.

Until the next pair,

G-Star Staq 3D Raw jeans

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