flare jeans

Oh man, what a view in the middle of a NYC street – Heidi Klum couldn’t have been more attention calling even if she had been totally nude LOL!

That you sometimes wear a bright green top OR bottom, is kind of ok. But to wear an all poisonous green ensemble including a poisonous green matching handbag! Gimme a break, please!

And yeah, even if that bag happens to be a Birkin baby, still ….LOL!

Heidi’s jeans are from the Dittos brand, well know for their retro inspired denim, which includes exactly super flares and crying-out-loud colors. Her button down shirt is the Equipment Brett Fern shirt, which thankfully also comes in other colors!

You can buy non-green Dittos jeans (we haven’t been able to find these anywhere!) at Target and Amazon.

And while we’re at it – I just remember seeing this image of Queen Elizabeth on her 91st birthday recently, check it out below, and no comment needed! TGIF 😉

colored jeans

Queen Elizabeth