rip and repair jeans

Jared Leto, from the cast of Suicide Squad, participated in an autograph session for fans in DC’s 2016 Comic-Con booth at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California.

He was wearing a pair of black Ksubi rip and repair slim fit jeans and a Gucci 2016 Souvenir Jacket. He completed his look with a pair of classic black and white checkered Vans.

Jared has always been a kind of “flashy” guy, with his bright and attention calling clothes. So we are not really surprised to see him in this pink colorful bomber. But at least, this time he toned it down with his “plain” (for him) black jeans LOL!

Ksubi was originally an Australian brand, which became famous for its super SUPER skinny tight women’s jeans with almost no stretch. The brand has been sold to an American company some time ago, but we haven’t seen much of their jeans around lately. Hopefully they will make a strong come-back again!

You can buy Ksubi jeans for men at Revolve and at Barney’s.

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