Jennifer Aniston showed off her slender figure in a black tank top and slouchy white jeans while shopping in NYC. She accessorized with  black saddle cross-body bag from The Row and compled her look with a pair of Burberry sandals.

A pair of wedge espadrilles such as these will never go out of style. The tan beauties come in a neutral color so that means they can be worn with just about anything in your closet. You’ll get a lot of wear out of these bad boys, which maybe justifies the nearly $700 price tag! But if you want the same look for le$$, you can buy them here and here.

You can buy white boyfriend jeans at Nordstrom and at Bloomingdale’s.

white boyfriend jeans

relaxed jeans


  1. Aniston is always bikini ready, but doesn’t look that way in these jeans. Interestingly, the still pictures look good. It’s the movement in the video that shows the problems. Aniston’s jeans add bulk and droop, not ease. The tapered ankles and rolled cuffs make it worse. The clunky hard to walk in shoes make the look even more awkward and erase the ease of being in a bf jean.

    I would try cutting off the hem raw just above the ankle, instead of rolling the cuffs, lighter and softer denim, and a slightly looser cut without making them looser in the waist. I would try tencel. I would try white joggers.

    But, since Aniston can try on white skinnies until she finds a flattering pair (which could take all day, white denim is so tricky), I would dress Aniston in white skinnies instead. Great white skinnies are so very rare. I live in LA, and I rarely see women that wouldn’t look better if they changed out of their white skinnies.

    This video was a great warning for me. I just ordered a white version of my favorite bf jeans. I somehow doubt they will look better on me.

  2. Love to read your comments:-)
    I agree, they trickiest of all are whites – transparent, showing every bulge and nick…. that’s why I love Jennifer’s look, slouchier white denim is much easier to carry off!

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