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Khloé Kardashian stepped out, showing off her curves in a skimpy tank top and a pair of black skinny jeans from her new line, The GA Project, in Agoura Hills, California.

These jeans come complete with a personalized addition: her signature embroidered in gold on the back pocket (see image below). This is the first time Khloe has modeled a style from the denim line that she announced back in May, along with an Instagram casting call for an upcoming campaign. “There’s a new definition of sexy. The shape we lust for has curves, not the straight body of the fashion establishment,” reads. “Some call it a new silhouette; we just think of it as embracing the body you were given.”

When you’re a Kardashian every single thing you wear is analyzed from head to toe.  So, of course, a denim line seems like a logical extension to their empire of merch. The Kardashian Kollection for Sears came first, then Kendall and Kylie tested the waters with their eponymous fashion line, and now Khloé is in on it, debuting a design this week from her forthcoming denim collection.

We’ll keep you posted when and where Khloe’s denim collection will be available.

Note from the editor:
We have confirmed, that the jeans Khloe is wearing on these images are actually a pair of the Topshop Jamie jeans. Topshop actually had these made with her name on the back pocket since she wears the style so often. Check them out here.

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