denim shorts

Kristen Stewart showed us how to dress up a pair of denim shorts in her very unique “Kristen” style!

She was photographed leaving the Bowery Hotel in New York and heading to “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon. She wore her light blue denim shorts paired with a white t-shirt and a grey blazer. She accessorized with a padlock necklace, dark shades, and a ring. Kristen compled her look with a pair of hosiery-style sheer ankle socks and black dress shoes.

The blazer and the black leather oxfords add THE certain glam to her otherwise rather dressed down look, and we love this whole ensemble. The transparent black socks are a very typical Kristen addition, funky and funny, and the give a whole up-lift to this outfit.

You can buy denim shorts here, and if you love the black lace-up shoes, check here. The black sheer ankle socks are available in most drugstores, and you can also buy them here.

denim cut offs


  1. I say SJP is a lot more exciting to see photos of than KS, but I know you like KS and since it is your column you should write about what you love.

    I just do not find this look flattering at all. Perhaps if the shorts were longer it might have been a bit more appealing.

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