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After having successfully brought back the classic Levi’s 501 jeans in a modern style, the 501CT, now Levi’s is bringing us the 505 jeans as well. And also in a modernized style. Get ready for the new 505C jeans, YAY!!

The Levi’s® brand celebrated the launch of the 505™C Jean with a performance by rock legend Debbie Harry (accompanied by Matt Katz-Bohen) and a DJ set by Zoë Kravitz and Jimmy Giannopoulos (Lolawolf). The event took place this past week at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City.

To celebrate the launch of the 505C the legendary rock star, Debbie Harry, performed wearing a vintage 505™C. “Blue denim has always been truly American and I can remember when the kids in the eastern block, before the wall came down, were always asking for our jeans. Levi’s® made a lot of dreams come true…” says Debbie.

Born in 1967, the 505™ jean came of age in the 70s New York punk scene. Pop artists, graffiti writers and rock stars all wore them, tore them and thrashed them. Otherwise known as the unofficial stage-jean, the 505™ offers a lived-in, rocked-in, timeless fit.

The original zip fly, first created almost 50 years ago,the 505™ is one of our most popular fits for men and women. Beloved for its classic straight leg style and rigid denim, the 505™is great for all body types. Worn snug like Debbie Harry, or as the Ramones did (see image below) with a little custom tweak to the leg, the 505™ proved a big hit with the Big Apple’s younger crowd who were keen to wear this innovative take on the original 501® button fly.

Today we introduce the 505™C, a modernized and remastered take on the ageless505™ fit. The ‘C’ stands for customized because our designers have created a customized straight leg with the perfect slim fit for today.

“The 505™ was a symbol of counter-culture. It rose to fame during an era of unrivaled creativity in art and music. We’re excited to introduce a modern and slimmer take on this classic. It’s equally and subversively sexy on both men and women,” said Karyn Hillman, Levi’s brand Chief Product Officer. “There’s no better time to launch the 505™C. We noticed people are buying the 505 vintage, particularly girls, because the vintage 505 has a zipper, creating a flatter front, and it does that amazing Levi’s® inverted heart, perky bum thing that vintage Levi’s® do, so we wanted to recreate some of that.”

Stay tuned here @Denimology for our reviews of the 505™C for men and for the ladies!

You can shop for the Levi’s 505™C for men and women here.

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