black distressed denim shorts

Margot Robbie – me Tarzan, you Jane – put on an extremely leggy display as she stepped on to the tube at Piccadilly Circus in London.

She wore a pair of super short black denim cut offs from One Teaspoon, and completed her look with a faded denim shirt. She added a pair of black hi top classic Nike Air Force sneakers, and a Sancia Babylon Suede Black Bar Bag.

Margo’s shorts are the black version of the One Teaspoon Panther Bandit Shorts, available at Shopbop. They are heavily (and heavenly) destructed, with frayed hems and super low rise, and fit pretty snug.

You can find a whole lot of super distressed and destructed One Teaspoon denim shorts also at Revolve.

denim cut offs


  1. I have some questions about One Teaspoon. I have several items of clothing by them. Are there different divisions of the company? I ordered some jeans online that were described as just One Teaspoon and then when they arrived they were One x One Teaspoon.

    So I did not know if One Teaspoon is just an abbreviated way of saying the brand or they are different branches of the company and if they have different pricepoints?

    For example, Donna Karan clothing is more expensive than DKNY.

  2. Same company but they have been trying to push the name to One x One Teaspoon since forever, even their labels say so, but people are just lazy and say 1 teaspoon. All of us here are crazy about them, obsessed, actually!!

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