denim interior

Garage Italia Customs has been commissioned by another automaker to build a one-off car.

The result is called Levanto, and the name comes from a municipality in Italy’s La Spezia province, which is known for crystal clear water.

There is a two-tone exterior, which is supposed to be inspired by the 1966 film “Endless Summer,” and mimics the look of the sunset when it meets the sea.

The idea is a bright orange paint on the lower side of the MX-5, which fades to an ocean-like shade of blue to the upper parts of the convertible. The point of division is carefully masked at the waistline of the car.

On the inside, the one-off Mazda MX-5 “Levanto” gets a full denim treatment, but with a nod to the exterior. Trim elements have been painted in the two-tone shades of the exterior, while the upholstery is a mixture of “nautical blue” Alcantara with washable Denim. Yes, the same kind of denim you get when you buy jeans.

Not really my kind of car if you ask me, I prefer wearing my denim instead of driving it – what do you think?

denim dashboard

denim car seats