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Usually, guy’s jeans are more like plain, or – how best to say this – they just ARE, period. And usually, guys just love their jeans to be this way LOL! But, just as we ladies do, guys sometimes also want to stand out a bit (or even a bit more), and this, without calling too much attention!

Parasuco has just the style for you: a pair of vintage-y medium wash jeans featuring a black tuxedo strip with white trims. Not too much, but enough to be a bit different from all those “normal” jeans. This tuxedo strip certainly adds a bit of “funkiness” without being too obvious.

The fit of the 9RSARIM jeans is slim and they are a medium rise. Made of a perfect blend of cotton and spandex, these jeans have just the right amount of stretch to be cool and at the same time, comfortable. A light sanding technique makes for a subtle and authentic worn-in look.

You can purchase the 9RSARIM tuxedo strip jean on the Parasuco website.

tuxedo stripe jeans


  1. Hi LIsette,

    What a pleasant surprise for me.. 🙂

    I love to wear a jeans and it is one of the best clothing lifestyle for me. Many times, I spend many time on choosing the nice one jeans. In any celebrating reason go for shopping a trendy jeans. Looking this wonderful jeans, I just can’t getting control to get it to me.

    This jeans is like a lifestyle changer for me. Wearing this jeans will be awesome on me. The best thing which I knew here about this jeans is that – it is the blend of cotton and comfortable. What a amazing look!

    Thanks for introducing feature of this jeans.
    ~ Ravi.

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