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“From round tummies, to flat and big booties, large thighs, and short torsos Parker Smith has a solution to finding the perfect fit for your body. has done a series of Denim Guides for the best jeans for a variety of body types and Parker Smith’s Bombshell Skinny, Kam Skinny, Felicity Flare, and Girlfriend were all selected as fit solutions.”

Check out these really interesting images that will help you to find your very own best fit! You can buy Parker Smith jeans on their website. 6.28.16 Best Jeans for Big-Butts
Jeans for big butts 6.28.16 Best Jeans for Flat Butts
Jeans for flat butts Best Jeans for Round Tummies
Jeans for round tummies Jeans for Short-Torsos
Jeans for short torsos
Jeans for large thights



  1. Warning about Parker Smith… You will pay return shipping. The web site does not advise you if an item is dry clean only.

    The myth busters below can be verified by simple observation next time you are out people watching. You can also get some idea by noting that parker smith is kind enough to use the same model for each picture which will give you an idea of how style and wash affect look.
    • Flares do not make thighs look smaller.
    • High pockets do not make big butts look higher or smaller.
    • A halo/sat on chalk board wash does not make a butt look less flat.
    • The girlfriend jean shown sized in this way does not make her butt look rounder, but it is a cute jean that probably looks good on most if sized like this.

    • Looks like you should start your own denim blog yes? 🙂

      It all comes down to body shape. What flatters one won’t necessarily flatter another.

  2. Please remember: here, we are not judging, just reporting:-)
    Just one comment: I have had Parker Smith Jeans for years, ever since they started the brand and always washed them in the machine (in warm, not cold, water) and dried them in the dryer and never once had a problem. I totally stand for the high quality of the PS Smith jeans 🙂

    • Yes!! I love my Parker Smiths. I’m amazed how well they’ve done and how big they’ve grown after being so relatively new. All of mine have held up well. It’s been well known that they started off to support more curvy shapes as well as smaller ones which makes me respect them even more. But in general with premium brands, it’s usually good to always hang dry when in doubt! 🙂

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