I have visited Donwan Harrell’s, founder and creator of the PRPS brand, showroom and office here in NYC lots of times already. I always felt that the vibe of the place was so totally denim. Starting with the showroom full of the collection items from PRPS, and then his personal office. Oh man, this is a paradise for any denim addict. Donwan has tons of vintage jeans hanging from hooks all over the walls, collector items! And there are also some jeans that Donwan had worn himself for years….! All of the sudden you feel the urgent need to ditch all your denim and choose just one single pair to wear every day for years to achieve that unique, worn in wash, that you can only get in “real” life. Well, almost. Donwan comes very close to achieving these washes in all his PRPS collections.

How does this work, how does Donwan create, what does a work day for Donwan look like?

Donwan’s team had the great idea to create a video. It was filmed at his office in New York. The objective of this video was to get an introspective into his design process – what inspires him, where his interest in denim came from, as well as his general background info for fashion design overall.

And if you feel like me – needing to own one of the fab washed and treated denim right now, you can shop for them at the PRPS website.