Sabina Bacevich - Side View 2

Variety is king when it comes to denim tastes, including when it comes to your favorite jeans and where they are sourced from as well. We have been proud to talk about and share the name of SOORTY, a brand that manufactures and supplies denim fabrics to several major brands, and often custom builds jeans to bloggers (as well as some of our Denimology reviewers) to demonstrate their world-renown, high tech fabrics. Here is Sabina Bacevich in SOORTY, wearing one of these special pieces! This jean demonstrates one of SOORTY’s high quality coated denim fabrics with plenty of stretch, made into a moto jean with detailing at the knees and thighs. Moto jeans are always such a fun, edgy alternative to traditional skinny jeans, and coating makes them just so much sweeter, imitating the high class, rock n’ rolling leather pants look but with a lot more breathability, flexibility and comfort. Sometimes we feel, after seeing the jeans that come out of SOORTY’s factory, that they should be a denim brand themselves! But for now, you can enjoy some of their incredible technologies by shopping at brands such as H&M, Primark, C&A, Mango, Espirit, Zara, and so, so many more.

Sabina Bacevich

Sabina Bacevich - sitting down

Sabina Bacevich - side view

Learn more about SOORTY at their website here!