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Vicunha’s managing director for Europe and Asia, Thomas Dislich, tells us about this important social event:

“We’ve followed the ILO conference in Geneva with great interest and are proud to be working at the top of the international labor world.

Based on social responsibility principles VICUNHA TEXTIL delivers ethical and transparent relations that are beyond business management, which contribute to the creation of solid foundations supporting the growth of its employees, clients, partners, suppliers, government and society.”

From May 30th, to June 10th, Government’s, Employers’ and Workers’ representatives from 187 member States discussed a series of world of work issues IN the ILO headquarters in Genevra. Subjects included global supply chains, decent work for peace, security and disaster resilience, as well as the impact of the ILO Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization.

The textile industry employs a significant part of the world’s workforce, and is hence an interested partner in the international labor relations.

The ILO issues conventions, which are international labor guidelines. The conventions are not obligatory, but they are firm guidelines that should ideally be implemented by all member countries. Brazil is a star member of the ILO, because today, 80 ILO conventions are effective, a number that is only equaled by France. As a comparison, Germany have 59 effective conventions, the UK 55, China 22 and the USA only 12.

The ILO have eight fundamental conventions, of which Brazil has implemented seven. In terms of labor legislation, justice and inspection, Brazil is traded as an international example within the ILO. VICUNHA TEXTIL as a historic member of ABIT fully implements the Brazilian labor laws and standards.

Social Responsibility at VICUNHA TEXTIL VICUNHA work in collaboration with social and economic growth of the communities where it acts, with the environments preservation in mind, they sponsor projects in Education, motivation, life quality and social inclusion.

An example of this is the PESCAR Project which provides personal and professional development to low income teenagers, the project was created with the objective of helping youths in a situation of social vulnerability to obtain an education not only to secure the skills
to work but also in social skills, citizenship, health, personal growth and motivation. This commitment transforms lives inside and outside of the company.

Another evidence for a serious behavior in social responsibility is their VIR Program: VICUNHA RESPONSIBLE INCLUSION ensures social inclusion of disabled people. The program creates working conditions and action against discrimination adding more dignity in the workplace and its employees with disabilities personnel. The high number of disabled people in the workforce
reflects the engagement.

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