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Vicunha – Open Source F/W 2017 Trends

Vicunha – Open Source F/W 2017 Trends

Here are some more highlights about the newest trends for F/W 2017 from Brazilian’s Vicunha brand:

Innovations don’t always come from traditional institutions. As knowledge of, and access to, technology become commonplace among contemporary youth, they themselves are able to bring about significant, positive change to our society. Because it is our youth who use technology at levels beyond the norms, taking full advantage of their natural creativity to establish the guidelines for a new future.

While the streetwear look of the 80’s and 90’s has been relegated to vintage, sportive and urban designs, today’s new aesthetic is now heavily influenced by the cyberpunk and hacker countercultures which imbue it with a mysterious, rebellious and dark mist. It is the application of technology that brings previously impossible finishes, ornaments and performance to the realm of reality

All these technological improvements have led to high-tech fabrics that have functional as well as aesthetic characteristics. Lending to an athletic perspective, even the surface of the fabric contributes to a discreet and delicate sensory feel.

You can also read more about Vicunha’s trend predictions here.

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