Viktoriya Sener in SOORTY Jeans

Jeans themselves are fun and all, but have you ever thought about where the fabric itself comes from, and who supplies it? SOORTY is a mill in Pakistan that supplies high quality denim fabrics to major retailers around the world, like H&M, Primark, C&A, Mango, Espirit, Zara and more. To help demonstrate their awesome denim fabrics, our reviewers here at Denimology have had a wonderful privilege to receive custom made jeans from the brand to tell all of you about them (see one here, here and here, and a mens one here). But we’re not the only ones that have had the opportunity to help get the word out! Here is Tie Bow-Tie blogger Viktoriya Sener in SOORTY jeans, wearing a gorgeous custom pair of her own, made to her measurements. I’ll admit these are photos from last year, but SOORTY takes pride in the few custom pairs they send to bloggers and show them off for years on end! I can’t blame them…this pair is perfect all year round, with a pretty green cast, called “Sage Blue,” complete with whiskers, chevrons, distress & faded areas. SOORTY ensures all jeans are comfortable, stretchy and body hugging.

Viktoriya Sener in SOORTY Jeans - Closeup

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