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Adelina Perrin in a L’AGENCE Tank

Adelina Perrin in a L’AGENCE Tank

Adelina Perrin in a L'AGENCE Tank

I don’t know if it’s just me, but sometimes being denim obsessed leads me to forget that for every new awesome jean I acquire, maybe I should think about broadening my choice of pretty tops as well! Most jeans are easy to dress up or down or however you choose, but some are just too nice to throw just any tank over. Here is The Charming Olive blogger Adelina Perrin in a L’AGENCE tank, wearing the Jane Tank in Ivory. This tank is just perfect…it’s a basic essential, but also very feminine and dressy. This is the one you want to be seen wearing when you’re out on the town on a date! Jane wears hers in a more classy sense, but the tank is so sweet that it easily takes things up a notch. They say less is more, and nobody wants to look like they are trying too hard…this is the perfect little tank to get out the door and make heads turn. Made of 100% silk, it features adjustable shoulder straps and a beautiful slightly off-white shade. This is sure to be a favorite and classy closet staple for anyone, for years and years to come.

The L’AGENCE Jane Tank in Ivory is just about sold out everywhere, with just a few sizes left at Revolve here (along with some other color choices) and Nordstrom here. Saks also has two other pretty colors to choose from! Shop them here.

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I’ve been quite the denim fanatic for several years now, and am happy to apply this passion to something that I can share with others. I am also a graphic designer/web developer and have done design work for two of the biggest designer boutiques in town, which is partly to blame for the 100 plus pairs of jeans I now own in my collection! It always fascinates me how much can be done with the denim fabric alone, and the constant innovations will always keep me hooked.