Cone Mills 2

Denim from the Greensboro’s White Oak denim plant was on display along with Team USA during Friday night’s opening ceremonies for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Greensboro-based International Textile Group said Ralph Lauren designed the uniform of white jeans and blue blazers, which use fabric made by ITG companies Burlington and Cone Denim.

The denim was made at the White Oak plant in Greensboro on 1940s vintage looms, the company said in a news release.

Cone Mills is one of the last remaining manufacturers of selvedge denim in the United States. Their textile factory in Greensboro, North Carolina turns out quality raw denim around the clock, and many top brands swear by the White Oak factory’s denim.

Cone Mills White Oak denim goes hand-in-hand with both quality and the resurgence of American made goods.

Just this year they are celebrating their 125th anniversary and the company’s signature selvedge denim is still woven on American Draper x3 fly shuttle looms from the 1940’s. The company asserts that the fabric woven on these looms has a “depth and dimension” that is unique to Cone Mills denim. They even claim that the turn of the century wood flooring that the machines sit on create a unique rhythm that is woven into the fabric. These antiquated machines, combined with loyal and skilled employees, some of which have been working at the White Oak plant for 50+ years, all contribute to the old world quality of Cone Mills denim.

Cone Mill Denim on Parade at Olympics