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The Form Jean by AYR on Jess Kirby

The Form Jean by AYR on Jess Kirby

The Form Jean by AYR on Jess Kirby - White Cami

Just about every brand has jumped on the torn up and trashed vintage-style trend, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to lose popularity anytime soon. It did take some growing on me before I started digging this look, and the super hot “winter” days we had in California this year really made me appreciate my torn up, more relaxed jeans a bit more! Several brands have their iconic ripped up jeans that have made waves in the industry (I’m looking at you, One Teaspoon!) but perhaps the most sought after model is from AYR! Here is The Form Jean by AYR on Jess Kirby, blogger of Prosecco and Plaid. This jean is flying off the virtual racks everywhere—even AYR themselves have yet to restock it on their own website! It’s actually a beautiful jean, with a heavily faded wash, shredded holes, raw hems (yay!), a button fly and a high waist with a relaxed fit. I think the reason why these sell so well is that AYR may have finally figured out the recipe for the perfect broken-in, worn-and-loved, favorite-pair feel! They are also 100% cotton so they wonderfully encapsulate that coveted vintage vibe. I have a couple pairs of AYR jeans and they are both some of my favorites. They are so incredibly soft, fit impressively well (they did initially bust out into the scene as the perfect fitting jean) and do not lose their shape! Jess wears these awesome jeans several times throughout her Instagram feed, with several outfits, and on each one they are the obvious star of her outfit.

The Form Jean by AYR on Jess Kirby - Black Blouse

The Form Jean by AYR on Jess Kirby - Sitting

The Form Jean by AYR on Jess Kirby - Closeup

Shopbop has a few pairs of the AYR The Form jean here, but keep checking back on AYR’s website here as they will be restocking it soon! I’m drooling.


  1. I like these: high rise, loose straight, no stretch, all good. The distressing is not bad. There is a pair left in my size, but why is the price this high? What causes a jean this temporary and trendy to sell out at this price? I guess I’ll never know because I’ll never see them. I always prefer to have one ideal piece over 3 good ones, but I cant click on this price. If you run into other jeans with no stretch in this cut, especially without distressing, with a lower price, please post. This is a cut worth trying. 🙂

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