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Gilded Age – Fall/Winter 2016 Looks

Gilded Age – Fall/Winter 2016 Looks


Again, we are impressed with The Gilded Age’s quality and craftsmanship that goes into manufacturing one single pair of jeans. If you are looking for some mass production jeans you may as well skip this post. Gilded Age is all about quality, limited editions, and individual production. Their jeans are unique, truly unique and I cannot stop pointing out how awesome this is nowadays, when so many brands are into producing masses of sameness jeans!

I have met Stefan Miljanic, who is the owner and designer of the brand, several times and always find myself fascinated by his explanation of his jeans. Yes, explanations, there are just so many details Stefan is always pointing out to me, I feel as if I am given a lecture in denim haute couture. It is all about detailed stitching, and finishes, not only on the outside of the jeans, but inside es well. Especially at the crotch, where every dude, one time or another, is surprised by a rip or crunch – and, oh man, the jeans are torn! Not here, though, guys, Stefan is taking very good care of your sensitive denim parts 😉

Some Insights to the Gilded Age “about” story:

The Gilded Age Fall 2016 collection is called “No Ordinary Being” – The city Docks.

“In the past hundred years Americans have led more creative, daring, eventful, and diverse lives. Work and professional life have been constantly changing and evolving, but at the docks, the space where the land meets the sea, and where the harsh conditions of North Atlantic chisel the character of many of those that take to the sea, the time still runs on a different wavelength. Here the time is caught in a different type of warp, and those that traverse the turf where the land and the ocean are engaged in never ending battle, seem to be different than most of us… cut of a different type of cloth. These are the men who during their work experience in the harshness of the elements – the peril of existence on the edge – truly understand the meaning of every day potentially being the last one. There is the grit, the hardness, the physical energy and courage, the sobering and simple drive to face hard facts, yet there is also the enormous charm, wit, and the purposeful utilitarian style, that these men possess as they work and live. All this has become our sole inspiration for our Fall 2016 collection.

Fall 2016 is about the men that don’t seek the edge, but live and work on the edge… the edge between the land and sea. We were inspired by those who do not ride up and down highways to go to work, but ride the Gulf Stream to get their jobs done. We are inspired by the traders. Not the Wall Street types that need suits and ties to get their trades done.  But a well-worn pair of jeans and a soft plaid shirt layered with a wool coat. The utilitarian lifestyle these men embody has become a perfect back drop for our Fall 2016 textured and rich fabric/yarn collection.

This collection unites the Gilded Age philosophy and aesthetic embedded in luxury casual style, adding the rich and textured layers of our style and expression. Utilitarian colors such as black, dark gray, petrol blues, uniform browns, sepia, and the hints of red wine permeate throughout the collection. In denim, Gilded Age introduces a variety of dark stretch selvage and non-selvage denim shades, such as over-dyed worked black and blue selvage denim, stretch worked gray and black non-selvage denims, alongside indigo/ indigo blue shade authentic vintage selvage. A range of over dyed denims and lightly brushed stretched twill fabrics in coal gray, sangria, petrol, dusk khaki, dark forest, and black complete the collection.
The pinnacle of the Fall 2016 denim offering is our ultimate premium edition of “Old School Reserve” jeans done in natural indigo selvage denim, and rare 13 oz stubby Japanese denim all handcrafted (literally) in Japan. These jeans were worked on as art pieces and destructed to a perfection. They look like they were worn on the board of “Felicia” by Thomas C. Marphy, or Jed Miller on his round the clock exploits of the Grand Banks.

Even though Gilded Age has never produced large runs of selvage denim, this is the first time we have decided to name and number each pair of these unique and special jeans. Just as the old bottle of wine that needs to be tasted, these jeans need to be worn! All denim will be offered in our best-selling 1011 Baxten and 1025 Morrison fits, in addition to our new reworked “Gotham” and “Houston” fits.

The unique Gilded Age application of interesting and luxury fabrics has been taken to another level with the use of gauzy double layer woven shirts, soft dark chambray’s and flannel plaids. For Fall 2016 Gilded Age is introducing a range range of chunky and soft knitted outerwear, double face thermal Henleys and crews in a variety of textures and colors. A luxury chunky cashmere sweater has been associated with Gilded Age for a while now. This season we are introducing new Northeaster jacquard patterned chunky cashmere sweaters in variety of patterns. In outerwear, key items will include a range of soft, padded shirt jackets in a signature utility plaids and wools, denim shearling jackets, and a signature military cadet pea coats in a gutsy wool Melton.

The assortment is completed by our signature range of leather shearling and wool lined jackets, deck leather jackets, and a “Tenant Harbour” denim style shearling pile lined leather jacket. Soft wool-cashmere striped woven scarves and knit hats complete the collection’s urban utility look.”

Founded by Stefan Miljanic, principal designer and creative director of the brand, Gilded Age is a casual luxury brand deeply committed to sustainable, handcrafted, and artisan  approaches to fabric and product development. The brand is inspired by the early Industrial Revolution, arts, poetry, culture and craftsmanship of old New York and the Northeast Coast.
Gilded Age is sold at high-end specialty stores and premium department stores.

Check out some denim looks for this coming fall here. You can see all the looks on the Gilded Age Website, and also read more about the brand here.




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