Gilded Age Old School Reserve jeansLet’s be honest, raw denim is everywhere and has been for some time. With the seeming saturation of brands out there, sometimes I find it more of a chore than anything else to buy a new pair and start the process all over again. But then Gilded Age comes along and releases the Gilded Age “Old School Reserve” raw jeans. Jeans handcrafted in Japan from a super rare Japanese white selvage denim with a limited number of pairs available…now that’s something worth exploring.

As always, let’s first just get a snapshot of Gilded Age. Gilded Age is one of those brands that focus more on the quality and craftsmanship of their pieces than the quantity. More of a higher end niche denim line than many of the larger more massed produced brands. Featured many times in the pages of men’s style mags like GQ and Esquire, Gilded Age has made it’s mark in the fashion industry with denim being the primary driver. Reminiscent of brands like PRPS without all the deconstruction or Rouge Territory but a bit more “worn”.

So looking at the Gilded Age Old School Reserve Raw Jean I immediately noticed the cleanliest of the inside and out. Harder to accomplish so clean lines when working with just over a 13 ounce denim but Gilded Age showcases their commitment to quality at every seam and each stitch. Continuing to look at what’s on the inside, the striking red cloth pockets and yoke lining are a fantastic hidden touch rounded out by the stamped limited edition number…mine was 48 of 50. Saving the best for last of course! The denim is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see how they fade and wear as I get to beat these bad boys up. It’s one of the aspects of reviewing raw denim that tends to handicap any new review, the true quality and beauty come through as they mold to the body and gain the individual scars as you live. So I hope to revisit this review in 3-6 months time to share my story through the patterns written on these amazing Gilded Age Old School Reserve Raw Jean.

Since this is a review, I also wanted to touch on the fit. Overall it is a consistent fit in the category of Slim Straight. I find that most of the time jeans in this category fit a bit slimmer on the hips and thighs but stay straight from the knee down – meaning you shouldn’t expect any tapering around the calf or ankle. Because of that, it’s not a fit that I can rely on as my everyday go to jean, but still a great alternative for larger legged gentlemen or those fighting against a slimmer or tapered fit. Lastly, it’s fair to mention that as these are limited, rare and handcrafted it also means they come at a fairly high price (about $400 retail). However, this is still well south of limited released from many other premium denim brands so if you want to add a collectors piece into your closet, take a look at these and try to get them while you can here.

Until the next pair,

Gilded Age Old School Reserve jeans

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  1. Being a denim connoisseur I respect and admire a well tailored jeans! I will have to look these up.

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