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Hailey Baldwin was flaunting her washboard abs at a UGG Classic Street event in New York City. She is the star of a campaign for the footwear company. The event took place at the Downtown Dream Hotel, and Hailey posed in front of the blown-up images of her ad campaign.

Hailey rocked a light blue denim jacket, layered over a brown crop top. She completed her look with tiny, low waisted,  beige shorts and a pair of knee-high sheepskin Ugg boots.

Gosh – it seems that summer only started yesterday, and already we are seeing fall and winter stuff all over, especially UGG’s, which for me, are synonymous with winter, cold, dark, and, well, ug(g)ly. 😉

But, on the other hand, denim jackets are for all seasons. Wear them in spring and summer paired with a cropped top, like Hailey’s, or layered over a trendy bodysuit. In winter, denim jackets are a good way to layer under a coat and over a turtleneck sweater.

You can buy denim jackets at ASOS and at Barney’s. And here is one hat I am totally obsessing, the oversized and slouchy fitting T by Alexander Wang Daze Denim Jacket in Light Indigo Aged.

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  1. I waited a long time before I got into UGGS. I understand the attraction now. They keep your feet warm ans cozy~ kinda like they get to stay in bed when you are walking. Guess that is another way to define sleepwalking.

  2. ROFOL – you are so spot on! Sleepwalking, yeah…. but only as long as there aren’t any mirrors around. Cause if I catch myself in one of these…..NO WAY! I’d rather do Loubos 10 inches (at least, I’d try LOL)!

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