Hamid Khouyi in PRPS

Paint splattered jeans are relatively uncommon in the grand scheme of the denim market, but still a fairly common detail in women’s distressed jeans that add such a fun extra effect and feel of a well loved and worn pair of jeans. There doesn’t seem to be many like this in the men’s department, but any kind of unusual (but cool) style of men’s jeans is not something I wouldn’t put beyond PRPS! Here is blogger Hamid Khouyi in PRPS paint splattered jeans, wearing the Demon in Tapir, a beautiful white slim leg jean with inky blue paint splattered effects. The 100% cotton makeup of these jeans guarantee they’ll be a durable, long lasting favorite! It wasn’t long ago we saw another male blogger sporting these. Faissal Yartaa also enjoyed them in a totally rockin’ street style look (see that post here). Hamid wears his in a slightly more dressy fashion, showing that even the most edgy of jeans can be dressed up or down if you have that style bug in ya! White jeans with light details like paint splatter are also awesome if you want go for the white denim look but fear them getting dirty too quick. If they do, it will only either add to the effect or blend right in!

Hamid Khouyi in PRPS - Outft

Shop the PRPS Demon in Tapir on sale at Nordstrom here, or the slightly less slim, more straight leg Barracuda version here.

If any of these sell out before you have a chance to snatch them, you can also grab them (also on sale) directly from PRPS here and here, respectively!