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Harry Styles Rocks in Super Skinny Black Jeans

Harry Styles Rocks in Super Skinny Black Jeans

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Harry Styles kept it casual as he was out for lunch at Cafe Habana in Los Angeles. I barely recognized him without his beautiful long hair….

He wore his customary black super slim cut jeans, featuring a hole on one of the knees. He teamed his jeans with a light blue Hawaiian-print shirt layered over a tee. And he also sported his customary caramel colored booties, or should I say, boots? Do guys do booties as well?

At any rate his boot(ie)s are the Saint Laurent Hedi 40 Fringed Boots, which are also a staple in Harry’s wardrobe. He added a pair of Saint Laurent Sl 98 California sunglasses to complete his outfit.

It’s really amazing how guys manage to wear the same stuff over and over again, and always look hot! And how we ladies absolutely need to change our outfits all the times – gender related, or is it just because there are so many more options and “temptations” for us around?

You can buy similar slim back jeans at Nordstrom and at East Dane. If you are looking for some very reasonably priced black jeans, check out some styles at ASOS and also at the GAP.

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  1. I am a fan of wearing suede footwear throughout the year. At first I was not sold on the idea of his wearing a Hawaiian shirt with suede boots. However, I think I know why he chose that style option. The fringe peovides a hulu skirt vibe for the lower portion of his body.

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