Julien Lachance in Parasuco

For so long it seemed like the women’s denim department offered a wider range of edgy cuts, washes, prints and other details than what was available for men, but lately those assumptions have definitely been proven wrong. Parasuco, led by denim pioneer Salvatore Parasuco, has that in the bag. Here is model Julien Lachance in Parasuco, wearing the low rise, slouchy skinny 9DUANE jean. It features a skinny arched leg, a dark distressed wash and all kinds of beautiful details like contrast stitching, insane fading as well as totally cool angled and diagonal seams both on the legs and back pockets. It’s a true “heavy hitting,” “street style statement jean” of its own kind with plenty of character, and truly needs to be seen up close to really appreciate the handiwork! Although, Julien styles his well with a clean cut white button down and navy blue sneakers, a totally unique take for a totally unique jean. Believe it or not, edgy and distressed styles can dress up quite nicely! These jeans are super durable too, with a 98% cotton blend, with 2% elastane thrown in there for some extra comfort.

See these details up close for yourself!

Julien Lachance in Parasuco - Details

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