light blue ankle skinnies

Khloe Kardashian stepped out in Santa Monica in a great outfit – if you are into fluffy slides. For me, these look as if Khloe just fell out of bed and dressed so fast that she forgot to put on some shoes. Yeah, I know, fluffy slides are “in”, Rihanna did those for Puma a while ago, and Khloe’s ones are a pair of Confetti Fox Slides. Not my cup of tea.

Other than that, Khloe was decked out in Kanye West’s Pablo camo battledress and a pair of super skinny ripped jeans.

The interesting part – Khloe’s jeans are selling for under $40! They are a pair of Glistering Jeans from Fashion Nova.

I am freaking out about this, Khloe really loves her jeans to be not even reasonable, but CHEAP! Wasn’t she wearing Topshop skinnies a lot of times before?? She must be that apple that fell far away from the tree and we are loving it!

But then again, in compensation, here is that Balenciaga Papier Zip-Around Shearling Fur Tote Bag, she chose to complete her look with, and it’s NOT cheap, LOL. Oh well….

But, at least, it was quite amusing to write this post!

You can also find super reasonably priced ripped jeans at H&M, ASOS, and Urban Outfitters.

ripped skinny jeans