cropped flare jeans

Lily Collins was photographed out in Los Angeles, grabbing some lunch. She looked so pretty in boho chic, pairing a tied-up printed blouse with her Parker Smith Cropped Flare jeans.

Lily is one more fan of the growing Parker Smith brand, she has been spotted in another of their jeans just a couple of days ago as well, wearing their Bombshell jean.

Lily’s jeans are the Brynna Cropped Flare jeans in Nile, a very much on trend cropped jean with a frayed hem. The wash is perfect now for summer, a light blue, almost vintage like, and Lily totally rocks them!

You can buy the Brynna cropped flares on the Parker Smith website, and while you’re at it, check out their newest styles from the fall/winter 2016 collection as well. You are going to be seeing these pieces everywhere soon! Their fit and especially their super soft shaper denim is totally addictive LOL!

frayed hem jeans


  1. She looks great. I like that the jeans fit a little bit loose. Not a fan of the light area around the seat or the square back pockets, but she can pull them off. Love the sandals and the blouse.

  2. Good point about the seat area gaia. Often when I have been looking online at jeans and have seen the seat area is lighter I look for other denim that does not have the overly faded seat.

  3. funny you guys mention that – because most of the jeans do have the back seat and the front of the tights more distinctively faded. It has to do with the fact that designers/brands think “logical” = you sit down and the jeans get faded at the butt, and you do rub your hands quite often along the front of the tights (do we really?). But in “real” life we never sit long enough or often enough in a pair of jeans to become faded like this. It’s what everybody calls the “used and vintage-like” effect. If we take this away from them, ow would they distress the denim……

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