Donovan Livingston recently became a person to watch after giving the Harvard School of Education speech in spoken word poetry, which then went viral. He’s currently working at the University of Winston-Salem in North Carolina, where he hopes to spread the message that through education, you can achieve anything. Donovan strongly views education as an equalizer, and believes that standing for what you believe in, with the action to enforce your beliefs, is the key to a changed society.

“My purpose is to help create an experience, a lifestyle, a situation where students, or people in general, are able to walk in their own purpose, in ways that they never could have imagined.”

What’s your purpose?

To sum it up: Making decisions for yourself. Being outward with them. Not following the crowd, but following your own spirit. And, of course, understanding that PRPS is short for purpose.


  1. Very inspirational.We all have our strengths and talents it’s just a matter of digging deep to uncover them.

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