distresse black jeans

Rita Ora was spotted out in New York, wearing skin-tight black jeans and an oversized Jimi Hendrix T-shirt. She’s currently in New York acting as new host of long-running series America’s Next Top Model.

Even though we are still in the midst of summer, Rita was wearing a pair of Saint Laurent sky-high platform boots – very awesome, but boots right now? What’s she gonna wear in winter- strap sandals, probably LOL!

Rita added a splash of color with her mustard colored Miu Miu saddlebag. Saddlebags have been “popping up” again a lot lately. Personally, I prefer the softer kind of leather bags, as those saddle bags tend to be already very heavy before adding anything… what is your opinion?

Rita’s jeans are a pair of tight fitting skinnies, almost like leggings, quite sexy and form enhancing. Parker Smith has a very similar pair of those in a lighter wash that fit just like these. And you can also buy skinny black ripped jeans at Shopbop.

skinny ripped jeans


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