Robins Jean Marilyn Skinny Super Broken Jeans Review- front view

If I could describe the spirit of Robin’s Jeans in three words, it would be; edgy, rebellious, and sexy!  And that is without a doubt the spirit of this Robin’s Jeans “Marilyn Skinny Super Broken Medium” jeans review.  Since arriving to Los Angeles in 1996, French designer and Founder Robin Chretien has worked for some of the best denim companies in the industry.  With his keen eye for fabrications and appreciation for innovative washes, the launching of his own brand was inevitable and necessary.  Its a touch of biker chic, with a dab of vintage Americana, and a whole lot of rock n’ roll edge!  If the “Robin’s Jeans” name doesn’t ring a bell yet, I’m sure you’d most definitely recognize that perfectly placed set of embroidered wings on any girls denim derriere!  With that in mind, I’m super excited to be reviewing the Robin’s Jeans “Marilyn Skinny Super Broken Medium” Jeans.

From the moment I opened the box, and touched the fabric on the Robin’s Jeans, Marilyn Skinny Super Broken Medium Jeans, I knew right then and there that these were going to fit amazing!  Prior to receiving these however, I wasn’t too familiar with the fit and it would’ve been helpful for me to be able to see their content and measurements listed on their website, but with the description reading “stretch denim” I knew I couldn’t go wrong.  I went ahead and requested my usual size 26 and they fit like a “Michael Jackson” glove…fabulously!  Every curve was accentuated and every bump in its place.  This 5-pocket skinny jean was a good length for my short frame and the low sitting waist was comfortable and unrestricting.  One of my constant concerns of wearing stretch denim is the shape retention, but Robin’s Jeans “Marilyn Skinny Super Broken Medium” Jeans are by far, some of the best stretch jeans I now have in my possession!  Since receiving these I’ve worn then a total of 3 times now and they still fit great!  The fabric feels like its been brushed so they feel “legging-like” and you can sit in them all day without the fabric growing.  I’m telling you the control on the Marilyn Skinny Super Broken Medium Jeans is superb and I really appreciated the fit around my booty!  The back pockets are perfectly spaced and placed and I just really want to thank the designers at Robin’s Jeans because their attention to fit is ah-mazing and they really know how to flatter a girls best “Assets.”

Robins Jean Marilyn Skinny Super Broken Jeans Review

With the details and wash in mind, the Marilyn Skinny Super Broken Medium Jeans is “party all over” and  there is nothing subtle about em’… and I love it just the way it is!  It has the distress and it has all the cool seams and details that you would expect from a pair of Robin’s Jeans.  As a girl who is obsessed with distress, I was not disappointed!

Now lets talk about those infamous set of wings; the majority of the jeans that Robin’s Jeans offers have an embroidered wing detail, so If you are not a fan then it would be difficult for you to appreciate them.  I hate to say this, but if you love a “cleaner” pair of jeans without the embroidery then I am afraid these jeans are not for you.  Robin’s Jeans are not for the faint of heart, they have a lot of attitude and edge, but I still strongly urge you to try them out and let that bad girl shine, you’ll soon see that the fit and details outweighs it all.  The Robin’s Jeans, Marilyn Skinny Super Broken Medium Jeans is a beautifully designed and presented pair of jeans and its no wonder why celebrities and rock-stars go crazy for them!  From the fit and wash to the awesome little “winged key chain” that is attached to the belt loops, this jeans gives you all that and more!

You can buy the the Marilyn Skinny Super Broken Medium Jeans here. Also click here to see if they have a flagship store near you so you can try them all!


    • Yep! It’s pretty big…and sparkly you’d definitely know what brand these are! Lol Like I said…not for everyone but a longer shirt in the back is also an option 😉 thanks for your comment @BHTPC

  1. Whoa!!! How did I miss this review??? I feel like a fool. SEXY AS HELL ROXY! You always kill it on the backdrops and you def know how to make a pair of blues shine but this just speaks to me… great denim, fantastic pairings… shit’s sexy beyond belief. Thank you… you show Robin’s the way it should be seen… sexy, edgy, and did I say sexy? wow…

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