Sara Geffrard in Diesel - Sitting

I find this one to be all kinds of cool…menswear (as rocked by a totally awesome chick) and edgy jeans from one of my favorite brands, Diesel! Menswear isn’t anything new, but I don’t often see it pulled off in such a…dapper way! This is A Dapper Chick blogger Sara Geffrard in Diesel, wearing a piece from the Fall/Winter 2016 collection in support of the Liberty Fashion Fairs convention in Vegas. Most know Diesel as a brand that constantly churns out trendsetting, edgy street-style worthy pieces, and at least in my eyes they never disappoint. When any lady asks me where to find a head-turning pair of jeans to add something different to her closet, I always recommend them (just like I always direct any men with similar questions to PRPS, although obviously Diesel is great for anyone). These jeans feature the vibrant blue that I always come to expect from Diesel, with awesome vintage-inspired fading, distressing and a slim yet relaxed fit. Sara definitely has some serious style, and it makes perfect sense for her to team up with this brand!

Sara Geffrard in Diesel

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  1. Love it. And I love the boots, too.

    Style question. How does one wear cropped denim without making legs look shorter than they would if the jeans hit the ankle or the shoe? I’m trying to decide between the JBrand Alana and the Carolina, and was told I need the Carolina to show off my legs. BUT, I just love that star treck bare ankle look in skinny, boyfriend, boot cut and flat front trousers. I’m 5’8 1/2″ , 115 lbs but I want to play up my long legs (without running around in high heels). Can it be done or do I need to stick to longer jeans?

  2. I have been a Diesel fan for years. I do not see that many articles about them lately. Those boots go great with this denim selection.

  3. I am not one of the experts gaia but with your height and weight I think you can pull off any look you want to wear as long as you like it and showcase it with confidence.

    Sometimes when one of my most stylish friends and I go shopping we will comment that we do not care if others like what we elect to wear or not because if we want something we get it.

    I like putting my own spin on things and as long as you like your look and feel comfortable in it then that is what I recommend you go with. If others suggest something that you are not fond of then you may not enjoy wearing it even though you receive rave reviews.

    I have read some of your denimology comments and I think you will be able to tell what works for you just by looking in the mirror.

  4. Hey, Lately I’m on fever looking a pair of Diesel or PRPS. Both of them were awesome… But Diesel is quite some time compare to PRPS. But I can’t really get Diesel Premium line. As premium line for PRPS will NOIR. Maybe Black Gold for Diesel? thanks

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