Shalice Noel in White Parker Smith Crop Jeans - striped tank

It’s cool to see so many awesome examples of how to rock white denim lately. Once a dreaded shade to wear as bottoms, it seems like the style is picking up again. I guess you could say it’s thanks in part to better fabric technologies that not only are thicker to avoid the see-through malady, but also to keep yellowing, fading and stains at bay. Here is blogger Shalice Noel in white Parker Smith crop jeans, looking totally fab in three different outfits. This is the Courtney Cuffed Crop in Eternal White, and it appears Shalice might have done something a little different with these: added a raw hem! Raw hems are so in right now and I totally dig it. It’s pretty easy to do it with your own jeans too if you haven’t yet! Shalice obviously loves the stripes, which are definitely well played with something white to help them pop. Don’t be afraid of white jeans…they are great to keep you cool in the summer, and with Parker Smith’s Eternal White jeans that are made to keep their optical white wash, you nothing to fear! Parker Smith jeans are also made in the USA, don’t stretch out after days of wear, are ultra soft, and were made during the growing demand for jeans that fit a wide range of shapes, including the curvy ones among us.

Shalice Noel in White Parker Smith Crop Jeans

Shalice Noel in White Parker Smith Crop Jeans - striped top

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