SIWY The Felicity Low Rise Skinny Jeans Review- Front viewIf you like versatile skinny denim and comfort is your #1 priority then we need to talk.

Hi guys my name is Misty Kingma and I can’t wait to overshare all of my honest denim opinions with you! I live in Los Angeles and work in the entertainment industry as a news writer and reporter. I’m often on-camera for my job so I have a passion for well made and well fitted clothing. I’m thrilled that these LA born SIWY Felicity Low Rise Skinny in American Beauty jeans are my first review here on! I’d love to hear your feedback so don’t forget to leave a comment below. And without further ado…

Summer is well underway and I’ve finally found pair of lightweight and light toned skinny cropped ankle denim for day and night. SIWY denim is made start to finish in Los Angeles, California so they know a thing or two about summertime!

Upon first touch of my SIWY Felicity Low Rise Skinny in American Beauty I noticed the quality of the material. The SIWY denim is silky with the right amount of stretch without feeling cheap. The denim is 92% cotton, 6% polyester and 2% elastane. It’s a big pet peeve of mine when I buy pants that stretch out after an hour of wearing them. I’m thrilled to report that after 5 hours there’s no sagging or stretching! The Felicity jeans are so comfortable they feel like an extension of my skin.

Now let’s talk about the fit. I’m 5’5” and wearing a size 27 SIWY Felicity Low Rise Skinny in American Beauty wash. The Felicity boasts SIWY’s innovative no-side seam construction giving the jeans a legging feel, further proving the extreme comfort level! As you can see the length of the pant comes down to my ankle, which in my opinion is just a tad too long. Ideally I’d like the jean to hit two inches above my ankle for a more appealing slender look. However, the fitted ankle adds to the versatility because you can easily tuck the jeans into boots or wear with heels. As for sizing, the SIWY vanity sizing run large so you can get away with buying one size smaller than normal. (Yay!) The Felicity jean is mid-rise on the waist and hits just underneath my belly button. And on the flip side the denim is high enough that I avoid any chance of an underwear peep show when sitting down. Thank goodness!

SIWY The Felicity Low Rise Skinny Jeans Review- Back view

Finally, the wash. These no frill jeans are lighter than the typical color of denim I tend to go for. But the medium tone of the American Beauty shade seems just right for daytime or nighttime making them extremely adaptable. I love the overall plain nature of the jeans because you can get away with wearing them all the time! There is a small amount of tasteful pre-fading on the front and back pocket areas, at the knee, and at the ankle. I’d like to note the front pockets are faux but the back pockets are the real deal. I personally appreciate the large size of the back pockets to hide my larger-than-normal rear end. Finally, the right back pocket has a small beige rectangular piece of fabric sewn in to denote the SIWY brand.

SIWY Felicity Low Rise Skinny in American Beauty is a great versatile pair of denim to wear on a summer day and into the night with a simple change of top or adding a jacket and heels.

SIWY Felicity Low Rise Skinny in American Beauty are available here.

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  1. Hideous wash and fit. I’m a fan of low rise (and high rise) jeans, and I enjoy stretch, but this wash is vulgar. Between the wash and all the rolls created by the fabric, these jeans are horrible. I’m so tired of seeing airbrushed fading. It’s the jeans equivalent of a spray tan with an air brushed six pack. Tacky squared.

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