Velvet Heart Ada Skinny in Rockstar Blue Denim Review-full front view

Hello Friends! Back at it again, and this time I have the Velvet Heart Ada Skinny In Rockstar Blue Denim Review! Velvet Heart is a Los Angeles based brand that not only offers well priced, great quality denim, but also some really cool tops and dresses that complement any jean wardrobe. With decades of experience in the denim trade, Velvet Heart is now expanding their denim choices; which is great news for us denim heads on a budget. Their denims are timeless, effortless, and house that quintessential California cool girl vibe. The plaid button ups and casually cool chambray tops are awesome, and I can definitely see this brand becoming one of my favorite one-stop shops. One of the many things that caught my attention was Velvet Hearts company motto, which is, “Fashion should be enjoyable and affordable” and that to me sounds like lyrics to a song that should be called, “Talk Dirty to Me.” Because don’t we all want that!? With so much product out in the market place, it’s difficult to find great quality at a reasonable price. I always find myself having to compromise one or the other.  So If you love to get the best in terms of great quality, great fitting, and also want to have the benefit of affordable jeans that wont break your bank; continue reading my Velvet Heart Ada Skinny In Rockstar Blue denim review.

The Ada Skinny in Rockstar Blue is a basic 5-pocket, indigo skinny jean with a medium rise. It is a nice clean wash that is simple yet classic. Its soft, and comfortable and its the kind jean that goes well with everything its paired with. I must’ve gone through 8 different outfit combinations before I decided to go with my cropped vintage plaid top and studded “flatforms” which I photographed for this review. Id like to say that I can tell a lot about the denim by the number of outfits I can manage to conjure up effortlessly; and let just say it was an infinite number for this jean! (Ah the beauty of denim *sigh*) One thing for sure, is that Velvet Heart seems to have a lot of denim of this caliber all throughout their site, every style to me looks like an essential, must-have denim. It truly is denim that can fit any lifestyle, trend, and personality. Heck, One can easily say that its a jean for all!

So Lets get down to the specifics, the wash: The Ada In Rockstar Blue is a medium wash jean with some very light and subtle sanding throughout the front and back of the legs. Although its subtle, it still manages to give the jean some character and definition, which I absolutely love. I’ve been really liking the emphasis on the booty that a lot of these denim company’s have been doing lately, so the Ada’s definitely kept it interesting enough for me in that department with the placement of the “whisker” details on the corner of the back pockets. This mid rise jean sat just where I like it, not too high and not too low, however since I do have a shorter torso it fit a little higher on me when I compared it to the model image on their website, nonetheless it was still a flattering fit for us regular “human beings”. The Length was perfect, and with a 30″ inseam my 5 ft 2  frame was not overwhelmed. As a self-proclaimed “chronic cuff roller” I couldn’t resist the urge to roll mine up a couple times to  show off  my “killah” flat-forms, of course! But, if your not feeling as frisky feel free to wear them regular because they look just as cool. Also I can’t emphasize enough on the comfort level of these jeans, the 98% cotton and 2% spandex made it easy and extremely comfortable wear. So with this super random visual I’m about to give you, I keep imagining myself  wearing these jeans on a nice summer day paired with a basic white tee shirt all the while rocking that “Jennifer Aniston glow” and eating a tub of Ice cream on a white leather couch… I hope you get the idea of how comfortable these are…comfortable enough to eat ice cream in! On a serious note, these jeans are a perfect fit and my usual size 26’s fit like glove! The Ada’s offer great structure with plenty of that control us girls like;)

Velvet Heart Ada Skinny in Rockstar Blue Denim Review - full back view

With everything set aside, the Ada Skinny in Rockstar Blue Jean is a classic staple piece that is versatile and “straight to the point”.  There are no bells and whistles here, its what I’d like to call a no “b.s” kind of jean if you know what I mean.  Wear with a crisp white button down and some vintage clogs for that effortless “Cali girl style” or funk it up with an avant-garde looking top! The possibilities are endless with this one, ladies! I can already tell you that these Ada’s will be getting plenty of playtime outside of my closet and I shall have many adventures in these!

You can buy these comfortable and great fitting jeans here.


  1. I have these jeans and they are so easy to dress up or dress down! PERFECT fit!!!!!!!

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