Munich Fabric Start

Brazilian denim manufacturer, Vicunha, will be presenting its newest fall and winter 2017/2018 collection at the Munich Fabric Start exposition, taking place on August 30 and 31, 2016 in Munich, Germany.

VICUNHA TEXTIL Autumn/Winter 2017/2018 Denim Trends:


High Performance DRYARN® denim adapts very well to climatic changes in terms of breathability. One of the outstanding performance features of terminologically tested
Dryarn® is that it repels humidity. VICUNHA’s ‘Sahara’ or ‘Mayra’ dry very quickly and
leaves the skin feeling pleasantly fresh and dry. True to form, its perfect fit is long-lasting.
Another of VICUNHA’s technical developments is their ‘Expanded Emana System’
developed to create a sense of “well being”, these fabrics prove to be ideal partners, to go
with the bustling pace of today’s lifestyle.


The look for Fall/Winter 2017/2018 is basically defined by black. VICUNHA engages
in this trend by offering mystical shades ranging from indigo to midnight blue-black. Qualities
which when subjected to the right washing are ideal for the slick, polished look. By including
‘Colbie blk blk’ the collection presents qualities and weights in men and women’s clothing
with the essential stretch function and outstanding looks.


Super stretch denim with reshaping qualities. These will be available in mid- to hi-rises, with comfort guaranteed. HI POWER STRETCH products offer not just supreme comfort, but are also perfect for a more casual look.


Authentic vintage is all about favorites, pre-owned items, and collectibles: heirloom pieces with heavy patina treatments. A blend of the heritage-feel and comfort stretch at competitive prices.


The 1990s are back: not just in homage to David Bowie, but also as a revival of the
shimmering retro-blue, rounding off the spectrum of indigo hues. Suited for all styles and



  1. WOW! Well written article. Well thought out fabric. I was sold and eager to bu until I saw the washes. I just can’t look at any more air brushed fading.

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