7FAM b(air) ankle skinny destroyed duchess

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a review, and let me tell you, I am SO happy to be back with this one! I’m here to review a little company some of you may have heard of – 7 For all Mankind.. I joke. If you’re reading this review, then you’re obsessed with denim, and you likely (or at least should) have your fair share of 7FAM in your collection.

When I’m buying a new pair of jeans I will admit that I stay in my happy place that is: skinny, weightless, ankle, distressed, and stretchy. When it came time to review the 7 For all Mankind b(air) Ankle Skinny jeans collection from 7FAM, I was squealing like a pig when I opened the box to see that I was sent four incredible pairs of jeans in their new b(air) collection. Their tagline is: “Feels weightless. Looks flawless.” Honey, they ain’t lyin’.

I had a baby exactly 1.5 years ago and while I’m definitely back to my pre-baby physique, there are some changes that seem to be permanent. For example, hips. No one told me that the wider hips would be here to stay. However, I’m quite happy about it since I’m built like a boy and haven’t been blessed with that hourglass figure most of us would kill to have. So, with a little hip action going on, I have a bit more of a shape. HOWEVER, when you combine that with legs that squat on the daily and a bit of a booty, finding jeans that don’t bulge in the back is kind of impossible. Well, it was impossible.

I have 3 other pairs of 7 For all Mankind jeans that I’ve had forever and have stood the test of time. These new additions, however, may make all of my other jeans become obsolete. For starters I have 2 washes – the only 2 washes I need in my wardrobe – black and “duchess”. To sweeten the pot, I have the only 2 styles I will ever need – skinny distressed and skinny (non-distressed). I’m not lying when I say these four jeans are hanging in my closet and the rest are pushed aside. When you’re in love, you just know it.

These jeans fit like leggings. They’re easy to pull on (and off) and feel like butter. They’re super stretchy but don’t sag at the crotch or need to be pulled up a million times a day.  I’m normally a size 29 and I was accidentally sent sizes 26 the first time around. Out of curiosity, I tried them on. Because of the stretch and amazingly soft denim, I was able to pull those bad boys up all the way, but no amount of jumping or sucking in was going to get them to button. HOWEVER, you show me another pair of jeans that you can put all the way up when they’re 3 sizes too small!

I was wavering on whether or not a 28 would have been better, but after wearing them a lot, I realized that even though a smaller size would still fit, the 29 is so damn comfortable that I wouldn’t want to go down a size. Again, these jeans are constructed so well that there is no bulging, sagging or loose knee after multiple wears. They don’t give me a fat roll at my waist either, which, let’s be honest, is kind of magic.

Let’s talk about the distressing. Distressed jeans are gorgeous and truly a work of art when done properly. With that being said, there is NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, more heartbreaking than buying a new pair of jeans and having your foot go right into the distressed part and rip your jeans nearly in half. We’ve all done it. It sucks. If you manage to avoid doing that, having a rip right at the knee is denim suicide. The first time you squat down you know it’s going to rip. Not with these bad boys. The geniuses at 7 For all Mankind put the rip just SLIGHTLY below the knee. It’s incredibly flattering but does not expand when you squat down. Hallelujah!

Some other small details I love – you can put your hands in your pockets. Sounds stupid but most of my skinny jeans are so damn tight that the pockets are simply for show. The denim in this line is so stretchy that the pockets are functional! As the name would suggest, these jeans are lightweight. In Maryland, it hasn’t dipped below 90 degrees in a loooong time, but I have worn these jeans during the day and night and haven’t been uncomfortable. They’re not shorts, but they’re not your typical heavy denim that will make you sweat and feel claustrophobic in the heat. Um, what else – the rise is perfect. On me they button right below my belly button. This is the most flattering spot on my build and doesn’t create any weird bulging when I’m wearing form-fitting tops. I’m 5’4” and these really do stop at the ankle. I still like the look of rolling the bottoms, but it’s definitely not necessary, especially if you’re wearing heels.

Basically, these jeans are all you need. I know I probably shouldn’t say that because there are a lot of reviews on here, but I’m sorry, it’s true. They can be dressed up or down. They’re comfortable and stylish. They’re my dream denim. Thank you 7 For all Mankind for answering my prayers. I knew someone was listening…..

Shop all the washes here.

7FAM b(air) ankle skinny black


  1. Great review and photos. You look very happy in your (b)air attire. I am looking forward to adding some to my denim collection.

  2. Very pretty jeans. Good for you for not wearing the smallest size that will close. Well cut jeans that fit are so much more flattering than denim trying to be spanx.

  3. When you cuffed the blue pair I really like the contrast in the colors of the leg of the jeans and the cuff.

  4. I have two pairs of (b)air denim and I think those that do not wanna (b)square should strongly consider adding some to their denim collection.

    The fit is fantastic and not only are they stylish they are very comfortable.

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