Amanda Steele in BLANKNYC Vegan Leather

Many of us grew up with rock stars looking so totally awesome (and weirdly chic at times) gyrating around on stage with the tightest leather pants we had ever seen, and we may have even picked up that all the cool kids were wearing leather. I sure did, being a little metalhead in high school…but I always hated how leather, or even pleather, felt at the time: thick, heavy, restrictive, sweltering, and pretty clammy as soon as you started to leak any sweat. Nowadays we thankfully have coated jeans which are much more lightweight, and even better vegan leather options! Here is model Amanda Steele in BLANKNYC Vegan Leather, wearing the Skinny in Wake Up Call which was a gorgeous number embroidered down the legs with black thread. If you think these are rad, just wait until you see what else awaits you to discover within BLANKNYC’s extensive Vegan Leather line! I always take any opportunity to talk about it and I love that it’s updated every season! I have a few of these pieces, and after avoiding any kind of fake leather after experiencing a lack of quality in the past (and that sweltering feeling), BLANKNYC is my go-to and I am sold knowing that is now a thing of the past. This collection offers a lot more than jeans…find some pretty rock-star quality jackets, shorts, vests and cardigans as well.

Shop the BLANKNYC Vegan Leather Skinny in Wake Up Call at Shopbop here.

Check out BLANKNYC’s awesome Vegan Leather line here!


  1. It’s hard to break out of the t shirt and skinny jean silhouette because it works so well. The embroidery adds distinctiveness. I’m always happy when animal parts are not used and Blanc NYC prices well.

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