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Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens showed off their similar California girl styles on a shopping trip in Beverly Hills.

While Ashley was wearing a pair of trashed and distressed jeans, Vanessa opted for a denim jacket. Both ladies coordinated their outfits like it should be between BFF’s!

Vanessa flashed her flat stomach in a knitted grey crop top, which she wore with billowing brick red trousers. She completed her look with an embroidered denim jacket from Glamorous, black sandals, and some boho jewellery.

Ashley was clad in a white T-shirt loosely tucked into her ripped boyfriend jeans along with Gucci fur lined mules. She added an oversize navy and white striped jacket, a straw fedora,  and a Givenchy cross-body bag.

Both, Vanessa and Ashley, sported large mirrored sunglasses.

You can buy distressed jeans here, and embroidered denim jackets here.

embroidered denim jackets


  1. Fun denim duo snapshots. I like that each of them seem to have put some thought into their wardrobe selections.

  2. I think Ashley’s way of wearing a white tee is a way to wear a white top without it looking sooooo boring.

  3. Love this post so much I keep coming back to check it out again. Really adore the bold long pinstripe jacket with those jeans and those Gucci fur~lined mules. You have given Gucci so much press covering celebs that wear that footwear that they should gift you a pair and if you do not wanna wear them I will be happy to tell you my size.❤

    • Oh man, I wish I could do this for you LOL – I really do not care much for these!!! I need to make my point here: my coverage is NOT for Gucci, or Balenciaga, or Chanel etc….I am only stating what the celebs wear and THEY seem to to be the ones that are getting gifted 😉

  4. These two are fashion victims. I hope they were well compensated for looking like this. They look like over aged Forever 21 shoppers.

  5. I still give their looks thumbs up because they are not the same ole same ole that so many people seem to be wearing.

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