Ayoub Hamomi in PRPS

When it comes to rip and repair details on jeans for men, PRPS is king! I’m amazed how many crazy edgy styles the brand consistently releases without any two ever being the same. Donwan Harrell is an impressively strong industry veteran, being the first to bring Japanese selvedge denim to the states! It’s wildly apparent that he hasn’t even peeked over his shoulder since then, steaming full speed forward and churning out more and more incredibly amazing and tough (yeah these pretty much will last you almost forever) jeans every season, every year. Here is blogger Ayoub Hamomi in PRPS, wearing one of these super cool jeans with rip and repair details. I am loving them combined with the heavy fading in front as well, making them look like a truly loved pair of jeans that have been with the wearer for years on end. However, these are only starting off! Ayoub wears his in a relaxed street style look, explaining that he loves to wear contrasting colors and pieces for a more refined look, and I agree! This is a rule I stick to when dressing myself as well. Ayoub also chose this slim, tapered piece so he could wear them casually or dress them up. These jeans definitely will turn heads and make any outfit stand out in the crowd.

Shop all of the awesome ripped, distressed, patched up, or just generally cool jeans from PRPS here.


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