Brian Ingram in PRPS Mixed Media Pants

When browsing the PRPS website, I always notice how awesome all of the brand’s cutting edge (and edgy) jeans look together. It’s hard to pick just one favorite to stand alone. It’s no question one of those men’s brands that’s catered to the most serious of stylish guys out there, as every now and then I catch an influencer rocking a pair in a way I’ve never seen anyone wear a pair of jeans before. Here is Chicago-based image and event coordinator Brian Ingram in PRPS Mixed Media Pants in a way so unique that I’m not even sure how to classify it. Part military, part double-denim, Brian is totally killing it. These pants blend camo with denim patchwork detailing for a distinctive style that will keep you immune to crowd blending. As mentioned before, denim is definitely an art, and it’s so cool to me to see so much creativity in the industry (especially from brands like PRPS). Long gone is your standard pair of jeans nowadays (although those are still available too, of course)…the possibilities are endless and mixed media styling is definitely thinking outside the box!

Shop the PRPS Mixed Media Camo Distressed Pants at Saks Fifth Avenue here.


  1. Looks like one would have fun wearing these pants and also stand out…..if you wear them dancing just make sure you know how to dance really well.

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