Buffalo David Bitton Distressed Hope in Darcy Wash Jeans Review- front view

When a renowned denim brand creates a whole new line inspired by their MMA fighting ambassador, you take notice! Buffalo David Bitton denim just released their new curve hugging Hope line for Fall designed in part by MMA fighter Ronda Rousey. I was immediately intrigued by the new style and excited at the opportunity to tell you guys ALL about my day in the life wearing the new Buffalo David Bitton Distressed Hope Skinny in Darcy Wash jeans! Read on denim lovers for my full review.

I’m sure the first thing you’re wondering is what the heck makes these curve fit skinny jeans different from other jeans?! Well Buffalo’s Hope line jeans are super stretchy and made to lift and hug your curves in all the right places without a gap at the waist! Basically, the perfect jean for a curvy athletic gal. After wearing my Hope jeans in Darcy Wash all day- it’s confirmed! Absolutely no gap in the waist at all. My waistline felt super snug all day and contoured around my thighs.

Buffalo David Bitton Distressed Hope in Darcy Wash Jeans Review- Side view

Back to my day-in-the-life! I was born with an athletic body type so I channeled my inner Ronda and wore these semi-deconstructed Darcy wash jeans day and night to give them a proper trial run. In the morning I put on the jeans and went to the Clevver News office in Beverly Hills, noticing immediately that the subtle rips at the knees (two on the right, one on the left) were barely noticeable as I walked. AKA no awkward breeze! No rubbing! And no scrunching and un-scrunching at the knees when I walked. Even though I’m only 5’5” the jeans were the perfect length. I first paired them with my Converse sneakers in the am and then changed into black stilettos in the pm and the hemline worked well with both shoe options! It wasn’t until mid-day that I noticed my hands were a little discolored from the denim so make sure you wash these jeans before wearing them.

When I changed into my gold sequin top to transition to night time for a dinner party at popular restaurant Gjelina (yum!) in Venice Beach, I realized these mid-rise jeans were on the higher end of “mid” category. I also noticed the back pockets flattered my booty and come with the classic “V” design embroidered on them! The right rear pocket has the Buffalo David Bitton logo wrapped around the top flap.

But most importantly the jeans were comfy all day as I moved around and didn’t stretch out. Just now as I’m writing this I have the jeans sitting on my lap and I noticed the front zipper button is black which I think is a great touch.

Let’s be honest, black skinnies are a staple in every woman’s closet and I highly suggest the Buffalo David Bitton Hope Skinny line for athletic figures! Ronda said it best herself, “I don’t hope I look good, I know I look good.” The Hope line is available in TONS of different washes on the Buffalo website.

Buffalo David Bitton Distressed Hope Skinny jeans in Darcy wash are available here!

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