Cassidy Duffield in Fran Denim

Anyone who’s spent any time in the market searching for the perfect pair of jeans know how nightmarish it can be…especially if you aren’t model thin. Being curvy and looking for a new pair is daunting as well as being curvy in the athletic sense! Some people are muscular by nature, and some are muscular by being super dedicated to their fitness craft. With the rise of Crossfit and other fitness programs, it’s not common to find a pair of jeans that are catered specifically to folks who pump the iron! Here is Crossfitter and nutritionist Cassidy Duffield in Fran Denim, which is a brand we covered last year as a newcomer in the fitness world. These guys are just as dedicated to their brand as the ladies they cater to are to their workouts, with a great range of classic bootcuts, skinnies, and shorts, from minimal to no distressing for women and men. Cassidy shows just how amazing these jeans are, with enough room to cover ample legs with a waistband meant for super cut abs! The fit body can be a pretty specific shape that often requires a specialized clothing market to fit it, and Fran Denim was a very welcome breath of fresh air in the denim industry last year. It’s great to see them still going up and continuing to be a favorite among athletes!

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