Demi Moore just showed us that she is another fan of the borrowed-from-the-boys look.

The actress made this loose-fitting pair of dungarees look cool, styled with a classic striped shirt and some good ol’ fashioned black hi top Converse sneakers. She completed her look with a black hoodie and a black crossbody bag.

We love that Demi chose the real-deal workwear pair by utility line Carhartt. The good news is that these bad boys only cost $39.95 and can be purchased at Sierra Trading Post.

Oh yes, I am a total fan of oversized men’s wear and I love that Demi is not afraid to show herself in this “I couldn’t care less” outfit.

Read my next post about oversized borrowed-from-the-boys jeans, that we literally and actually grabbed at the men’s department!



  1. I did not expect to see Carhartt mentioned this morning at

    It is rather fun to see her dressed in this attire.

    It was very common to see older men in the South wear denim overalls frequently back in the day. The brand that most of them wore escapes me at the moment. That would be a real vintage brand to dust off and adorn.

  2. I just looked at this post again and saw that Carhartt is a “utility line.” I was unaware that designation existed.

    Another example that your posts are also educational.

    I am going to do some research and see if Dickies brand also falls into that category. You probably already know the answer.

  3. CUTE!!! This outfit is surprisingly flattering and charming. Maybe it’s the black and white that keeps it from being frumpy. Of course, it’s hard to make Demi Moore look bad, but there is a nice energy from this outfit.

  4. Demi Moore is a fashion icon! Heritage
    Carhartt , Classic Converse and Nautical t shirt . Real Style!

  5. Oh Lisette, yet another incorrect overalls post. These are Big Macs and not Carhartts. Please do your homework.

    • they are confirmed Carhartt denim overalls:)
      not as stiff and raw as the originals, but worn in and softer:)

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