Faith Silva in a STRÖM Brand Shirt Dress

I’m not usually a fan of monotone looks. When I get dressed for any occasion, I like a lot of contrast between each piece I wear (unless I wear black…black on black is always good). The double denim look is one I am usually pretty careful with, and rarely even do. When I choose to, I usually go for black jeans and a light blue denim shirt or jacket. Sometimes though, a celebrity or blogger will totally pull off a look with less contrast, and more often than not it works because of a contrast in styles! Here is blogger Faith Silva in a STRÖM Brand shirt dress which demonstrates exactly what I’m getting at. Her totally ripped up and trashed jeans (I’m guessing by One Teaspoon) add some cool contrast to the more refined button up top. It’s definitely a piece I’d wear open, like a light piece of outerwear, as she has, also with the sleeves rolled up. As the title implies, it can also be worn buttoned up as a dress, but I think it looks far more cool in an outfit such as this one. I am not partial to jeans that are trashed up this much, but a pair of black skinny jeans with the knees ripped open would be right up my alley!

Shop the STRÖM Brand Shirt Dress in Cyan here, but hurry, there are only a few left.


  1. I think the shirtdress would look better with jeans that do not have such a big hole.

    I think the jeans with the big hole would look better without the shirtdress interfering with the large rip.

    Nice shirtdress just not paired with the best type of jeans… in my opinion… but if she likes it… good for her for doing her own thing.

  2. LOVE THIS! The whole outfit is brilliant. I love the big rip on her because she’s wearing loose jeans and this one rip tells the other story, too –she has great legs. Rips should be DIY, to suit the wearer, not purchased that way. The pink/nude boots are gorgeous. And the way the cuffs are light is beautiful. I love double denim but this is especially good. WOW.

  3. PS, does Strom not sell their clothes from their own web site? I couldn’t find a way to shop. Do you know of a store that sells Strom in Los Angeles? Especially the small sizes? Thanks! I noticed that their last collection is spring/summer? I hope ll is well there. The pix on their site are stunning.

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