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What is RAW? Ask singer-songwriter, record producer and G-Star co-owner Pharrell Williams and he’ll explain, “RAW is not a noun, RAW is verb.”

For the first in in the brand’s history, G-Star is bringing its collection of stylish, perfectly fit raw denim to the masses by answering just why their niche specialty is important in the marketplace for their Fall/Winter 2016 campaign.

“RAW is not a noun, RAW is a verb”, said G-Star’s new co-owner and Head of Imagination, Pharrell Williams, when asked about the meaning of raw. For the first time in the brand’s history, G-Star is stepping beyond the product to present the question: what does this word “RAW” mean?

Exploring the meaning of RAW, the G-Star Fall/Winter ‘16 campaign tells the story of what exists beneath the surface of the brand itself: the people that make it, their craft, and the spaces they occupy. This story and subsequent metaphoric journey through the world of G-Star is portrayed through the RAW Family Portrait. The formation within the portrait emphasizes the brand’s belief in equality and team effort. By stripping back what’s on the outside to uncover what lies beneath – this is raw.

The Family Portrait is just one part of a multilayered campaign, which is also comprised of a film that highlights the design process taking place at the G-Star headquarters in Amsterdam, and a series of digital shorts which tell the stories of the brand’s product engineering process, obsession with 3D-denim construction, commitment to sustainable innovation, and more. Throughout all the seasonal campaign assets, it becomes quite clear: the real meaning of raw is a personal sentiment that cannot be explained, it has to be felt to be understood.

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You can shop the new G-Star fall/winter collection here.

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  1. Great!Being a Tailor useing raw denim to
    make clothing from scratch,there is a connection you feel with every piece that makes up the garment.

  2. Pharrell’s take on fashion makes me happy.

    Fingers crossed regarding your comment Lisette.

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