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Gigi Hadid rocks an alternative style in triple denim on first day of Milan Fashion Week. She wore a light blue denim jacket pulled midway down her arms, and teamed it with torn jeans which emerged from underneath a ripped skirt. I think these could be called skirt jeans?!?

They are the Double Classic Shredded Hem jeans from R13, available at FORWARD for $695. The wash is a vintage like faded blue, and the jeans have distressed and shredded hems all over. The legs are a cropped micro flare.

Gigi is busy busy busy! Shuttling between the fashion week circuit, launching her collection with Tommy Hilfiger and covering the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar, she has a lot of action going on, to say the least!

But that being said, she also has a reason to keep things paired down and easy…so slipping into a casual pair of mules is just the ticket to insta-chic sartorial nirvana. Spotted here , she was wearing a pair of black leather slides by Freda Salvadore, and although I am not a big fan of these kind of shoes, they totally work well with Gigi’s outfit!

R13 is a very expensive lifestyle cult brand, mainly among fashion denim lovers, you can buy their jeans at Barney’s and at Shopbop.

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  1. Love the demi~denim on Gigi. As a bonus, the way the white tee is knotted keeps it from being boring.

  2. Great style! It has a layered effect. And
    you have to look closely.Because it’s
    monochromatic it cause a double take.

  3. One of my favorite looks on

    This woukd make a great Halloween present if anyone wants to treat me.?

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