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Gwen Stefani looked – unusual for her – unkempt and totally off, in her baggy ensemble, as she made her way to the studio in Burbank, California.

She wore a white Moschino tee, baggy, distressed boyfriend jeans, and orange wedge sneakers, the Puma by MiHarayasuhiro.

Totally un-sexy, with unkempt hair and all, oh, well, celebrities also have their “days off”! Her jeans are way too baggy, or, not baggy enough (à la Rihanna) to be cool, and the oversized t-shirt doesn’t do much to improve her look. And… do we detect a big rip (à la Kylie Jenner) on the butt of the jeans (image below)?!

Also, wedge sneakers are so last year… wonder if Gwen’s stylist is on vacations, or is this just one of a “I’m having a bad day” kind of outfit?

If you want to look good in a pair of boyfriends, in a tomboy-ish way, then choose a slimmer fitting style. Or, if you want to do eye-catching as Rihanna or Rita Ora love to do, then you need to go really, and I mean really, oversized.

You can buy slim boyfriend jeans at Shopbop, and if those are too slim for your cup of tea, just go for like two sizes bigger. Or, buy some cool oversized men’s jeans, like theses from ASOS, to achieve a total funky look.

And ditch those wedge sneakers, the classic white low- or hi-top sneakers are so much more right now and also way more comfortable! Check out some rad ones at Nordstrom.

ripped jeans


  1. I agree that some wedge sneakers are not comfortable but there are some colorful ones out there and I like to see people mix things up.

    I have seen other collaborations with some fun wedge athletic shoes. I do not want to buy footwear and only wear it for a limited time.

  2. I still prefer to see what Gwen is wearing versus some others whose wardrobe selections are so drab.

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