Jackie Ho in STRÖM Brand

I’d bet by now we’ve started to sound like a broken record every time we feature a blogger looking sleek in a pair of black skinnies in order to talk about how much of a closet staple they are! But it’s true! After awhile we can understand if they all start to look the same, even though we know underneath it all, it mostly comes down to fit and fabric content. If you’ve been in the market for a pair for yourself, but feel a bit stumped, how about a pair with a completely different, unique feature to spark your style tastes? Here is model Jackie Ho in STRÖM Brand, wearing the Poppy in Jet Black. This isn’t like most other black skinnies, as this one boasts an extra long, oversized cuff for extra character. The jean itself offers a slimming, sleek fit like you would typically look for in a good, classic black skinny. The longer cuff makes them not only classically versatile through many different outfits, but also different inseam needs as well! Cuff these up to whatever length you please, for a year round, cute look that almost resembles leg warmers, or scrunch them up at the bottom over heels. I personally feel these would look awesome underneath calf-high boots, for an edgy look that will give you rock star status!

Shop the STRÖM Brand Poppy in Jet Black here.


  1. I will rate her look a little better than just Ho~hum.

    I think the footwear toned it down too much. I am not opposed to that type of footwear but some splash of color could have added a touch of happiness to the look.

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