Jyotsna Shankar Loves the Parker Smith Ava in White Sand

White jeans really seemed to gain a heck of a lot more traction in the last couple of years. I’m not exactly sure why…but somehow more and more people are getting over their white denim fears and rocking them like bosses! Sometimes I feel that trying out a more distressed or ripped up style might help move in to the white denim trend if you’ve been curious to try, as maybe a less than pristine pair may help ease the fears of dirtying them up so easily! They might just become a favorite, just like with this blogger here. It’s obvious that Jyotsna Shankar loves the Parker Smith Ava in White Sand, which is a mid rise, stretch twill ankle skinny with a bit of knee distressing and an ankle-skimming fit. Jyotsna wore these jeans earlier this year, as featured in a post from August (See that one here). As mentioned before, Parker Smith jeans are also super duper soft and were initially made to fit curvier shapes. They are gaining rapid ground with bloggers and celebrities, so I’m totally comfortable with saying you can buy with confidence!

Shop the Parker Smith Ava in White Sand here.


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