embroidered denim shorts

Kylie Jenner swung by Jonathan Simkhai’s New York Fashion Week show at Skylight, at the Moynihan Station in New York City.

She was dressed in a double denim outfit from Jonathan Simkhai’s spring 17 collection. Yep, here’s one more haute couture designer, famous for his red carpet dresses, venturing into denim, haute denim!

Kylie wore a country-influenced outfit, flashing her midriff, comprised of a pair of high-waisted denim shorts with some lace embroidery just below each side pocket, and a denim jacket featuring bits of fuzzy blue and lacy white embroidery. And, once more, another denim jacket featuring over long sleeves!

Kylie completed her outfit with a pair of intricately ornamented white stiletto boots.

Of course, these designer duds are not coming cheap – at all. You can buy way less expensive embroidered denim jackets from Lucky Brand, River Island, and at ASOS, where you can also find a good selection of embroidered denim shorts.

embroidered denim jackets


  1. It may be couture but she has a thug vibe going on.

    Perhaps if she did not have a do rag on and had her natural dark hair the look might be somewhat elevated.

    And I speak as someone who actually likes a lot of the fashion wore by hip hop artists.

  2. Kylie donned a do-rag. I mean, talk about mis-appropriating African-American culture — but who cares, says Kylie! It’s just a damn scarf! oh well…..

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